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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Check out my brand new single ( Ga Mɛi )

I dedicate this beautiful song to Nungua Kpledzoo and the entire Ga Adangbe state in Greater Accra Region in Ghana.

Encouraging The Ga-Adangbe group to come together and celebrate the Homowo Anual festival and to empower themselves.

Bortier Okoe... The Ghanaian Music Star Shining Across The World.

Ghanaian born Bortier Okoe, is revered as one of the most electrifying talents to emerge in African music. Bortier’s music carries a message. Bortier offering 'Mama Africa', the single resulted in the honour of an invitation to perform at the African Cup of Nations, and most recently, a nomination for the South Australian Music Awards 2019. Bortier's latest single ' Love To The World' is paving way for his upcoming album in 2020.

Bortier Okoe’s unique music creates a connection between him and the listener. Messages of joy, hope and fulfilment envelope the audience, taking every person on an individual journey. Bortier’s energetic, interactive and powerful performance captivates and unites the audience.