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August 08/06/21, 2021

As the Summer streams on into August, I find myself with two tracks in the Ethnocloud Charts. An Olympian For Eternity has had renewed success with the 2020 Olympic Games in progress.

Oh So Mellow (What A Good Day) continues to receive rave reviews from the music connoisseurs who have kindly taken time to listen and comment.

All in all it is good to hear great appraisals of your work.

To get it out there for the masses to hear though, takes a lot of hard work dedication and financial investment.

I have new music mastered and ready for release, with great appeal. Finding the right time and media to introduce it to a wider audience of listeners however, is the key. Making music and breaking it into the marketplace is hard to do.
I'll keep on trying, encouraged by all the positive feedback!