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About "Gelem Gelem, Đelem Đelem (Djelem Djelem)"
BalkanEros version of the anthem of the Romani people. The title has been adapted in many countries by local Roma to match their native orthography and spoken dialect of the Romani language.[1] Some of the song's many titles include,

"Gyelem, Gyelem" (Hungarian orthography),
"Jelem, Jelem",
"Dzelem, Dzelem",
"Dželem, Dželem" (alternative Croatian and Latin Serbian and Bosnian orthography),
"Đelem, Đelem" (Croatian and Latin Serbian and Bosnian orthography),
"Djelem, Djelem" (German and French orthography),
"Ђелем, Ђелем" (Cyrillic Serbian and Bosnian orthography),
"Ѓелем, Ѓелем" (Slavic Macedonian orthography),
"Џелем, Џелем" (alternative Cyrillic Serbian and Bosnian orthography),
"Джелем, джелем" (Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian orthography),
"Opré Roma" and
"Romale Shavale".

Haris Abdagić is a singer/songwriter and guitar player from Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently residing in Zenica - a town near Sarajevo. He acquired his musical experience through many years of playing with numerous bands (Happy Dragon Band, The sky above the landscape, etc.), and as well in a duet with his sister Alma Abdagić. He was presented to wider public as a frontman of ''Sky above the ... more
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