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Influence: East European , Balkan
About "Kamaráti / Friends"
This song comes from Poluvsie in northern Nitra region. It is one of our oldest songs and we
composed it even before we were a band. The boys chose the Balkan rhythm spontaneously
for the jest of it. And that was probably the moment Banda was conceived.

You, friends
You don’t know what’s new
And I’ll tell you
They are recruiting in Prievidza
Beating on two drums
That’s what I’ll tell you

My sweet girl
If you won’t fall in love with me
I’m going to enlist
And I’ll be standing
In a broad field with the company

Come, my dear and have a look
Beck on me with just your finger
You won’t have to call to me

No matter if you’ll beck
One finger or two
You won’t be mine
My head will fall down
They’ll wrap it in a scarf
And have it buried

When you’ll bury me
Kneel down on the grave and pray
Lord’s prayer three times
To the memory of us two
In a painted picture
That you love me