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Atsumi Yukihiro
001 SUZUNODAN -SANBASOU- / Traditional / Played by Atsumi Yukihiro (All instruments) Atsumi arranged the “Kotobuki Shiki Sanbasou” from “Ningyo Joruri” (the Japanese puppet show) that for praying the rich harvest and the world peace. The climax of the show is a dancing part. It is so strong and unique and beautiful. It brings back the DNA of the ground of Japan from Japanese dancing groove since Edo era.

Atsumi Yukihiro

Japanese Guitarist / Composer / Producer /Sonic Architect / Sound Designer :

Atsumi Yukihiro has had a rich and varied music career in which he has collaborated with a variety of well known artists. He moved from Tokyo to Kyoto to create “New Japanese Music”. Based at a traditional and historical house at Kyoto, he has recently been ... more
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