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About "Bête Noire (Radio Edit)"
“Bête Noire” - A thunderous and grooving track featuring the cultivated blend of sonic textures and musical influences that best represents Atlas Maior’s sound. Joshua Thomson provides both elongated and staccato melodic phrasing as well as a driving solo section, while Lockwood’s oud lines bounce between a bright Turkish classical aesthetic and at times haunting low-end rhythmic phrasing. Ted Camat rotates between a rock-n-roll land funk based rhythmic foundation, adding Brazilian pandero to the mix, while the double bass lines played by Gary Calhoun James add dynamic and rhythmic weight to the overall sound.

Keyif, a Turkish concept that translates roughly as enchantment, delight, and conviviality, traces Atlas Maior's approach to music and life. Keyif demonstrates the group's maturing sonic identity by featuring original material, while also exploring their multidimensional musical influences.

Album available on CD Baby 10/23/2015:

Charlie Lockwood - oud
Joshua Thomson - alto saxophone
Ted Camat - drums, percussion
Gary Calhoun James - double bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by:
Gary Calhoun James at Bell Tree Studio - Austin, TX
Produced by: Charlie Lockwood and Joshua Thomson

℗ & © 2015 by Atlas Maior. All rights reserved.