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Influence: Latin American , Caribbean
Genre: bomba, jazz, funk
About "Remenéate "
"Remenéate" is a song that stems from an extract of a playful baquiné chorus where children are asked to shake a crab or "juey" to pull off its legs for cooking. "Remenéate means to shake but in this song, it describes a woman's sensual Bomba dance movement. The dancer creates a joint musical language with the bomba percussionist.

The general music genre is Bomba and within the genre there are particular rhythms, in this case the song starts out rhythmically as Rulé and then speeds up into Seis Corrido.
This energetic and uplifting progressive bomba is meant to get the listener to want to dance. The video, developed by Giova Films at Here Studio, offers you the steps to follow to dance this bomba.