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About "ORIGINS - introducing a library of World Music interactive compositions"
Here the video-teaser of my new library, in partnership with Rast Sound, of eight World Music interactive compositions, inspired by various music traditions from around the world and featuring 48 instruments (real & virtual and, yes, played them all by myself).
This library allows the untrained, unexperienced wanna-be-composer to build extended, original pieces starting from organised long patterns as building blocks, live switchable sections and themes. Each single instrument can then be cut by smaller 2 bars unit and rearranged at will to create a new song only with the help of a personal computer.
It comes with the new pattern composing technology SYNC PLAY and it has been optimized for the Kontakt sampler by Rast Sound.
In this video-teaser I've been using 2 sections (scene) out of the eight compositions, which in reality present five to twelve different sections each that can be rearranged to one's taste.
Finally the 7-days-hard-work video present a visual content from the cultures that inspired each composition as well as a choice of pictures of some of the instruments I used for each piece.