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Ana Alcaide
About "El Pozo Amargo"
EL POZO AMARGO (The Bitter Well)

Music: Ana Alcaide/ Lyrics: Beatriz Moreno-Cervera

The inspiration for this song comes from the tragic ‘El pozo amargo’ (The Bitter Well) legend of Toledo, Spain. It recounts the heartbreaking love story of a Jewish girl and a brave Christian boy who is killed by the girl’s father during one of their secret nocturnal encounters. According to the legend, Raquel cried so much that her tears made the well’s water bitter. Distraught with grief, she ended her life by throwing herself down the well.

Originally situated within a Jewish mansion, the well still survives today in a small square on ‘El pozo amargo’ Street near the Cathedral of Toledo. It was at this spot where the enamored couple, Raquel and Fernando, would secretly rendezvous and where their tragic love story became an enduring legend.

Ana Alcaide's music has been described as the 'Toledo Soundtrack'. She has played a pioneering role in introducing and popularizing the nyckelharpa in Spain -a traditional Swedish instrument that dates back to the Middle Ages.

'Fans of Celtic powerhouse Enya's early work will likely dip into Spanish singer, songwriter and musician Ana Alcaide and find a reason to rejoice. Hitti... more
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