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Influences: West European , Mediterranean
Genres: folk, tradicional castellana, mazurca, fado, jota, romance,
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The group Aljibe, from his first album 33 years ago, showed his musical path was taken by a different to most of its peers. The fact that music teachers, most of them, and do not depend on the stage for live, gave them freedom to record whatever they wanted.

Most of the group are the same that started 6 decades ago, good players, with an open mind, few gender prejudices and knowledge of dealing. i find it interesting to see a group that discussed the arrangement between all...and agree, indicating a good match. Arrangemets are well done, neatly presented, sometimaes measured to the milimiter - if not the eighth note - and with the gusto of the musician who knows his instrument, and their disks are a good proof of what I say. (Eliseo Parra)