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June 06/06/22, 2022
We’re Feeling a Yes for \ John Greska has been writing and producing music for many years now, and has recently released two instrumental albums: Day to Day Thoughts and Life as an Ocean, both of which are available online on most streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. John has begun delving into writing songs with lyrics and does not always feel moved to sing them. He aspires to continue his craft as a songwriter and is excited to share his music so that he can connect with other singers/songwriters and grow his craft.

John’s music is a fusion variety that combines elements of pop lyricism and modern classic melodies along with electronic bass rhythms. He is inspired by other artists who also integrate fun music. If the Arctic Monkeys and Simon and Garfunkel decided to collaborate into a current musical phenomenon it would be John Greska.

His new folktronica like song, "Mamma Maybe" takes themes of time and change and places it within the made up narrative of a mother and her son. It's a fresh sound that bears no real comparisons, though it's reminiscent of Mumford & Sons with a sort of structure and lyricism like The Beatles. Inspired by history and intrigued by how the people who lived through certain events thought of change, "Mamma Maybe" is about a mother who's beliefs and ideals keep her in the past and unable to connect with her son.

“The writing process was surprisingly difficult. Taking out the fact that I was trying to write about something extremely intricate and not really song-like, the actual music was super tricky. There were certain parts that had to sound happy and certain parts that had to sound ominous and the ending was rewritten three times. The ending of the song was the hardest part to find, because how do you end a story like this?”

But all that hard work seemed to pay off with “Mamma Maybe” bringing unique tones and artistic influence to a new direction of music.

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