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March 03/30/22, 2022
Michael Gutierrez-May\'s Single \ Michael Gutierrez-May's single ¨Drifting to the Right¨ comes from his new album of the same title. US singer-songwriter Gutierrez-May has been writing music since he was 16 and promoted many shows in the 80s, but then took an almost 25 year break before returning to release new material in 2009. His passion for music and for writing continues on to today.

The song is a beautifully crafted acoustic song inspired by a friend of Gutierrez-May who commented he was ¨drifting to the right¨ after talking with him.

“This was inspired by something the same friend said after talking to someone he knew in high school and after talking to him, commenting that he was drifting to the right. This is something I have also seen with older people closing their hearts and wanting to shut out the new, emerging America, younger, more multi-racial, more diverse in lifestyle. I feel those of us who are older need to embrace these changes and the continuation of the spirit of egalitarianism and democracy into the future.”

This thoughtful and empathetic song is strong in the tradition of American folk and country music, with its characteristic guitar strums and vocals. The listener is intrigued to hear more and, as the song develops, there are more elements like the haunting backing vocals and piano.

Today, Gutierrez-May calls himself “Social Worker by Vocation, writer and musician by Avocation”. Influences include Paul Simon, Stevie Winwood and Bruce Springsteen. Comparisons have been made to other artists such as Jeffrey Lewis, Paul Simon and Phil Ochs.

Listen to more stories on Gutierrez-May´s forthcoming album “Drifting to the Right”. The album was created with a group of eleven other musicians, produced by Stephen B. Martin and engineer Joe Clapp at Ultrasound Productions.

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