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March 03/17/22, 2022
We Don’t Want This Song Just Sometimes We Want it All the Time “Some Times” by Brittany and the Blisstones wields a hypnotic chord sequence and a crisp beat, and exudes a slow-burn emotionality. Brittany Bliss and Reid Givens make up the twosome, and their journey is a touching story of reinvention, reclamation, and second chances on love. In addition to warming hearts, the couple are opening minds to female artists and helping shift the narrative of women in creative fields through support and exposure.

“This is a song of mindfulness,” reveals Reid. “We can’t control what thoughts pop up in our mind, but we have a choice to focus on the good stuff.” The song’s anthemic outro is a rallying call to choose happiness. It concludes with the lyrics: Let’s all keep singing/We’re surviving the flood/We’re all still singing/Cuz we’ve got air in our lungs. Brittany and Reid write songs that sweetly seduce you into mindfulness. The mellow tones of their distinct island-pop draw from an expansive artistic palette of pop, orchestral, rock, jazz, reggae, ska, Latin, new wave, and beyond. Brittany contributes sultry vocals, jaunty ukulele playing, and co-writes the songs alongside her partner Reid, an accomplished drummer and percussionist with an expansive command of rhythms and a keen sense for the healing power of good grooves.

“We have a magnet on our refrigerator that reads ‘Don’t believe everything you think.’ It’s there to remind us that we don’t really have control over the thoughts that enter our minds - they just show up on their own. What we do have control over, if we’re paying attention, is which of those thoughts we choose to focus on and expand. Remembering that there is a choice is what ‘Some Times’ is about.”

“The track has three verses, and then ends in a B section that is SO much fun to perform live! The B section is an anthemic call to just keep going, no matter how much mud you feel you’re stuck in, because we ALL feel that way at times. So, just like Dory says in Finding Nemo, we can help each other the most sometimes by just reminding each other to just keep singing.”

The story of Brittany and Reid is as exhilarating as the music they make. Brittany is a lifelong closet performer. She has been singing since she was 3, she dabbled with choir in high school, and performed with the Oakland Symphony Chorus as an adult. But she never invested in her natural gifts, burying her desires beneath domestic responsibilities in her previous marriage.
Reid has a similar story of setting aside something that was essential to his soul for home life. He had been playing drums since he was 9, and Reid was a promising musician with expansive abilities. During his time as an active musician, Reid played punk, adult contemporary, pop, metal, and prog rock. He even once opened for the Dave Matthews Band. But at just 18 he got married, and soon was raising a son with another on the way, and taking care of his ailing mother in law. These responsibilities took over his life, cutting a promising career as a drummer short.

“I think we both lost ourselves in our previous marriages, and rediscovering music was a way for both of us to heal and move past the pain,” Brittany shares. “When I dropped my youngest son off at college, I vowed to make music a priority again,” Reid says.
Newly divorced and making baby steps to reinvent their lives, Brittany and Reid first met at an open mic in Chico, CA in 2017. The fateful moment Brittany met Reid he was a fixture at the open mic, and Brittany was braving making her solo artist debut. Her performance that night captivated Reid. “You could tell she was very nervous,” he recalls. “But when she started to play, it was like she was channeling something that just hits you in a very vulnerable place.” The two spoke briefly that night, but felt an instant connection. Two weeks later, they saw each other again but this time they talked for longer, and the couple have been inseparable ever since.

Brittany became more galvanized to play music after the devastating November 2018 California wildfires that burned 153,336 acres, destroyed 18,804 structures, and claimed 85 lives in just 4 hours. This call to action spurred Brittany into booking shows, and nurturing her original music ideas. Organically, her solo project became a duo project with a fluid rotating cast of A-list musicians, some from their friendship circle, the local community, and beyond, including the international musicians who recorded on the EP.

Since forming in 2018, Brittany and The Blisstones have managed to earn an engaged fanbase through organic online exposure and their warmly intimate live shows. The duo has performed in various musical settings around the local Chico area and beyond, including playing venues in Berkeley and Oakland. The couple’s robust profile has enabled them to fund their EP through a successful crowdfunding campaign—a rare feat for an artist without previous releases.

One of the biggest lessons of Brittany and The Blisstones is it’s never too late. It’s never too late to pick up an instrument. “Brittany just had her first piano recital since the second grade,” Reid marvels. And it’s never too late for love. Brittany says: “We got another chance at love, and rediscovering who we really are as people. It’s been such a beautiful restart.”

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