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February 02/24/22, 2022
Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot Takes on New Sounds in EDM Bill Boulden, or Downupright as they're artistically known, just released their debut album, 'Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot.' It consists of 10 songs, with only 3 originals from Downupright, "Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot," "Dirty," and "Wallow." These songs are then remixed in collaboration with other artists in the industry, like Arkstar and code_pig.

"The entire album looks at three different takes on depression, anxiety, and frustration," shares Downupright. "The songs opt out of traditional verse/chorus structure to instead go on frequently shifting and mutating journeys that defy conventional arrangement."

The overall sound of each song is different and reflective of these themes. The first, "Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot," has more of a pop and commercial feeling while it explores identity. "Dirty" is more EDM and industrial and takes on running away from someone who shows you who they are, usually going against what you thought of them before. The last song "Wallow" takes on more of an electro-rock sound and tackles depression, specifically the feeling depressed people get in their sickness that they love feeling depressed and wallow in their pain.

"This is an attempt to invent The New Sound," says Downupright. "With heavily processed vocals coming into vogue thanks to the influence of hyperpop, there is room to combine them with a hard-hitting sound that brings together industrial rock and EDM influences."

Listen to Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot here: