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February 02/11/22, 2022
Lauren Waller\'s New Pop Single is Hauntingly Beautiful LA based artist, Lauren Waller, is taking the music scene by storm fusing elements of pop, 80’s retro, and electronic music all in one. Her new single “Dopamine” is the perfect blend of these genres with a dark twist that leaves the listeners wanting more. Waller compares herself to artists such as Ashe, Fletcher, Sara Bareilles and Lorde.

Waller states, “I want to write stories that people truly can connect to, my favorite part of being an artist is writing lyrics and putting my own passion into them in the hopes that my feelings and emotions can be translated into what other people can connect to/reflect and see in themselves.” This sentiment shines through in her music’s candidness and delivery.

This song, “Dopamine” is described by Waller as “the beginning to a bad love story. With sonically entrancing production and captivating vocals, the song is an ode to falling in love too fast. Evocative and haunting, Dopamine manages to simultaneously echo the rush of new love and yet warn of the impending danger we blissfully ignore”.

Listen here:

This haunting, yet driving track encapsulates this energy effortlessly. Her music can be found on any streaming platform, and her socials are listed below.

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