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October 10/21/21, 2021
Red Flower Lake Wants You to Feel Good in Their New Single, \ Abel and Rahimah are the musical duo known as Red Flower Lake. While they met in elementary school, their love story starts in high school when Rahimah first realized that she could see a future with Abel, and from there, the rest is history. They deeply bonded together because of their shared aesthetic and love of music, finding their ways as multi-instrumentalists themselves. By the time they officially moved into their own place together in 2001, making music was an integral part of their lifestyle. They had an ever-growing collection of recording equipment, keyboards, samplers, effects processors, and microphones, as well as a four track reel to reel and an acoustic guitar that all started out in their living room, then their bedroom, and eventually moved into a room dedicated to music recording and production. They loved to experiment and create as much as they could with Abel often sampling Rahimah’s vocals and integrating their poetry in their home studio productions.
Their new song, “Flying Dream” is about what it really means to feel good in our physical bodies, but also mentally. It’s a song they wrote out of experimentation, their specialty. They played with structure and sound and sculpted this Lana Del Ray-like piece out of 12 sessions of creation. “The inspiration for this song came from a time in our relationship when it seemed we were bound for break up but kept finding light and love in each other and in our creative partnership, and we began a new conversation about what we really wanted from our lives,” says Rahimah. “Just like at that point in our relationship, this song is about the hope of feeling good through keeping it real, being honest, and listening to our bodies.”
What makes Red Flower Lake’s music so unique and special is their fearlessness and ability to speak from their hearts. They are not afraid to break genres or try new things musically that nobody has touched. They feel their music and make decisions based on their gut feeling and musical ear. “Flying Dream” is a strong and powerful.

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