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October 10/01/21, 2021
Hip Hop\'s Newest Star, Jusme Da One, Aspires to His Own Greatness in His New Hit Single Jusme Da One, the North Carolina based Hip Hop artist, is finally ready to give music the commitment he’s always wanted to give it. While he comes from a musical background, his father being in a gospel group and he himself offering his musical ability to school and church bands, he was never able to make his hobby a career. Now, he’s giving music a shot, and he starts with his newest single “Aspire to Greatness.”
As part of his debut album of the same name, “Aspire to Greatness” is all about how he didn’t let his greatness pass him by. He may have had to overcome many obstacles, and it was hard, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from aspiring to be the greatest they can be. “‘Aspire to Greatness’ is a reflection of my life and my journey to achieve greatness in my own life,” says Jusme Da One.
“Aspire to Greatness” is very much inspired by modern day hip hop, with music similar to that of Kendrick Lamar and vocals reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa. The strength of the music solidifies the strength of the lyrics, with horns and purposeful piano, he hopes to bring inspiration to others, because even though he sings of his own journey, he reminds the listener that greatness is in us all. He says “The message that I wanted to convey with this song is that no matter what you've been through, greatness is within each of us. You have to Aspire to Greatness no matter the obstacles to be who you're meant to be.”
You don’t want to miss out on “Aspire to Greatness.” This vulnerable yet catchy song is all about empowering himself and others. If his single is this good, we can only imagine what the album has in store.

“Aspire to Greatness” is out now exclusively on Soundcloud: