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September 09/24/21, 2021
Jasmine Thakral’s “Turning 23” Asks: Who Am I Suppose to Be? Jasmine Thakral is the rising indie-pop artist we have been waiting for. The UK based singer decided that music was her calling and used her English Lit degree to help pursue her dreams. She writes about her friends, her emotions, and the books and shows she’s obsessed with. Her music changes with her.
She released her newest single called “Turning 23,” a pop song using a synthesizer to create an infectious melody. It is all about how life is uncertain and how you don’t have everything figured out, but feel like you should. She sings “I’m turning 23 and I’m kinda wondering what the hell I’m supposed to be by now,” which brings a sigh of relief to everyone in the same boat. She, like the rest of us, assumed we would have everything figured out, but it turns out we don’t.
“I wrote turning 23 the day before I turned 23,” says Jasmine. “It was a time when I was feeling worried about the future and had a lot of uncertainty of what direction to take. The track was also inspired by the fact that when you turn 23, there are a lot of expectations to have your life and career sorted out.”
“Turning 23” is a pop hit that belongs on any playlist. It’s a completely relatable song that hits hard within the souls of young people. She reminds us that she is in the same boat and that we are not alone in the journey of discovering who we are. Whether you’re turning 23, 33, or even 43, this track is a must listen.

Connect with Jasmine and listen to the new single here: ⁠