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August 08/19/21, 2021
Star Goes Nova Creates Yet Another Fantastical Musical Piece Star Goes Nova is big kick drums, deep grime bass and cinematic electronic music. Dubstep compositions of fantasy and power feature Christine's one-hundred year old grand piano, guest vocalists and guitarists, and Christine’s groovy, bad-ass bass.

Listen to "Hazelwood Moon" here:

Watch the video here:

Christine of Star Goes Nova shares:
"In a far flung, musical galaxy where Classical and Electronica drift through alien ruins under diamond skies, "Hazelwood Moon" is an interstellar Neoclassical Electronica Epic. “Hazelwood Moon’s” regolith is an eerie soundscape crafted on a foundation of growling, dubstep bass that soars with classical orchestral instrumentation. Featuring Christine’s 115 year old piano made by Valentin Berdux (who apprenticed at Pleyel - Chopin’s favorite piano) ”Hazelwood Moon” is a hypnotic and other-worldly inspired musical experience. Making a guest appearance on vocals is psychobilly band Hardsix singer Fuse, who often performs in Las Vegas. Fuse brings an Elvis-like croon into “Hazelwood Moon” - a wistful musical tale of lost loves. The exotic juxtaposition of Las Vegas croon, a Chopin influenced melody and growling dubstep rhythm blurs the lines of past and present into a wistful, dreamy trance."

Magical forces are transforming me and as Star Goes Nova, I have become a music composer, sound engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and performer on the Southern California scene. My inspirations are Seven Lions, Leah, Leo Z, Pink Floyd and Illenium. Star Goes Nova is the fantasy come true of my technical imagination, hardcore rock band, EDM festival and high school orchestra experiences.

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