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August 08/19/21, 2021
Perla Nalu Shares Her Creative Single \ Wordsmith and a creatrix Perla Nalu knows heartbreak firsthand as she has suffered the loss of her child. In "Twilight Sleep " her emotions rise as she brings her soulful and gut-wrenching experience to the table. The haunting lullaby swirls with dreamy synthesizer textures, meditative acoustic guitar, and vocals that are sensually emotive. The music’s ethereal quality is a powerful counterpoint to the raw feelings expressed by the lyrics.

Perla was Inspired to “Turn my unthinkable tragic circumstances into a marriage between London Grammar's eerie echoes and Eric Clapton's warmth in ‘Tears in Heaven.’ This song was conceived whilst I was channeling the tsunami and the unheard voice of the mother within me. The thoughts flowed as I was curled up in the fetal position, hurting, healing, and becoming empowered all at the same time.”

Listen to “Twilight Sleep" on Soundcloud:

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Perla Nalu is currently collaborating with indie artists to develop the soundtrack for her book based on a true story. Her music embraces her vulnerabilities and speaks to gratitude, free-lovism, loss, and intuition.

For each track she chose the vocalist that most resonated with the protagonist at key moments in the story. The soundtrack is influenced by pop, soft rock and indie vibes layered with cinematic and orchestral elements.

Perla invites you to join her musical journey and find out what plans the cosmic clock had for her.

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