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July 07/29/21, 2021
Shoshana Ami Releases Powerful Debut Album Pretty Liar Shoshana Ami, an experienced artist in many forms, just released an album called Pretty Liar. As a daughter of a concert pianist, she is no stranger to music or performance. She understands music in ways most don’t. She would listen to a multitude of bands, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, and bought her first guitar at 14, which she would practice on religiously. For her own songwriting in this album, she drew musical inspiration from the songs of today, how they are structured and what they sound like, giving the album an Olivia Rodrigo meets Avril Levine vibe. However, more personally, the album is hugely inspired by her own life.

She says “This album is inspired by so many events - the journey of my life which led me to the depths of addiction and out the other side to the heights of recovery and learning to embrace my humanity. Then the sudden deaths of both my parents and the birth of my daughter forced me to face my own mortality and to ask myself what legacy I would like to leave when I’m gone. Being a mother cracked me open and made me realize how the most important gift I could give my daughter was to do the thing I’m most passionate about. To risk doing it without thought of how it’s received.”

“Pretty Liar” hosts 10 powerfully emotional tracks that you can tell means a lot to her. Each song boasts of alternative bubblegum pop sounds accompanied by her vocals which sound like Alanis Morisette or Julia Michaels. It’s a darker album with most of the songs having lyrics and themes of pain and feeling lost and abandoned. Her title track “Pretty Liar” especially exemplifies this, with abandonment of a child that leads to creating a false self as protection. She sings “You were once so innocent, sin was there to repent. No one came to your rescue, no one cared.”

The album in many places focuses on a character who is in fantasy, who does not want to face the imposing reality. Songs like “Happy” and “Crying Shame” and “Hotel 99” explore these ideas of delusion, that reality is not what is shown on the outside, but rather how we feel on the inside. However, songs like “Affection” and “The Electric Show” have lighter lyrics and themes, that of love and loving unconditionally without all the fake stuff.

She says “I faced a dangerous world with music accompanying my every step, protecting me, healing me, holding me close...I bought a guitar and began writing songs...never sharing them, never feeling they were worth hearing, but always knowing I needed to write in order to feel ok in this world.” This is what makes Pretty Liar so unique. Shoshana uses music as an outlet, not unlike many other artists. But her music comes from the heart, from experience, and from a vulnerable place that many people don’t like to go to themselves. She doesn’t think, she does. That’s a superpower in and of itself.

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