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Ali Hudson
December 12/21/20, 2020
After an almost 10 year hiatus, Ricksha Radio has returned with their second single in the span of only a few months. With it’s rockstar synth and acoustic guitar riffs, Bob Dimick was able to channel an early 90’s vibe that’s been missing from today’s radio hits.

According to Dimick, “‘Magic Of The Moment’ is about knowing - when it is actually happening - that we are experiencing one of those beautiful, fleeting, magical moments in life that we will never forget. For no particular reason, we all look back on times and places that only lasted for an instant yet they are indelibly etched in our memories.” This song truly serves as a reminder to live in the moment.

“Magic of the Moment” is funky and fresh - yet there’s a comfortable familiarity about it (thanks electronic keyboard!). It’s upbeat and positive, and an excellent song to start your day to. We are excited about Ricksha Radio’s return to rock - and look forward to hearing more!

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