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Ali Hudson
June 06/30/20, 2020
Though based in Austin, TX, in her new single ”The Way,” Roxana Labatt sings sweet nothings about her love for New York City, the first place she ever truly felt at home. Roxana’s lyrics have been described as “viscerally emotive,” and this track certainly tugs at the listener's heartstrings. Roxana explains that the song is about “the experience of finding the place you identify as your home — even if that place is not the place where you happened to be born — and developing your own independent identity.”

Roxana’s process centers around lyrical development, a focus that allows her to create music that is achingly intimate while conveying grandiose messages such as that of “The Way.” The personal themes of the track lend well to the soulful piano ballad that accompanies her vocals. As the music swells and fades out, the listener will feel a deep connection with Roxana’s words and emotion, engrossed by the 1980s flavored sound of this new tune.

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