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Experience global travel through the musical stylings of multi-lingual vocalist, Dolores Villareal. Whether you enjoy French jazz, Cape Verde mornas, Italian love songs, Argentinean tangos, Portuguese bossa novas or Spanish boleros, Acústica provides an international musical atmosphere in global languages.

Acústica is a unique musical group in the Pacific Northwest that offers a magnetic fusion of intercultural and linguistical musical experience to the listener. Acústica, conceived by multi-lingual vocalist Dolores Villareal, was formed to provide an unparalleled sound and a special blend of musical culture. Thus, a special mix of vintage, international songs were selected to be performed in nine languages. Ms.Villareal is currently accompanied by a talented group of musicians for a blended ethnic sound. Together, Acústica brings years of experience and provides an incomparable and eclectic repertoire rarely heard in live performances.