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United States
Influences: African , North American , Caribbean
Genres: rumba, soukous, reggae, calypso, jazz, traditional, funk, ballad
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Photo by: AFRIKOOL Allstars
About: Sevy ROL's
Artist : AFRIKOOL Allstars (International BAND)
Country: DR of Congo/ USA & France

ABOUT The Project:
Album D4A VOL3: "Kinshasa Ma Bella"
Exciting, refreshing new authentic CULTURE Pop “Music for the World” Album coming out this Summer on AFRIKOOL Ent. /Distributed by GALILEO-Music Communication

Travel to the Central African Francophone & Lusophone Region which was once known as the KINGDOM of KONGO for a dazzling musical encounter & fusion between Rumba, Soukous & western Pop diva, with Special guest Appearances by World Music Legend Kanda BONGO MAN, Lou BEGA, renowned virtuoso Musicians such as: the late Delmar BROWN (Sting/ Gil Evans Orchestra/ ), Manu KATCHE (Peter Gabriel), Aaron COMESS (Spin Doctors),

Rooted in the rich musical traditions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and lead by Multi-award winning Singer/songwriter/ composer/ Producer & Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Alain Nkossi KONDA who was the first signing for Harry BELAFONTE’s label NIGER Records/ Palm PICTURES which he had in a partnership with Chris BLACKWELL. Nkossi which stands for “Lion” and who is originally from the DR of Congo (with family roots in Angola) has Given birth to this exciting New African Group Project to be known under A.A.I = AFRIKOOL Allstars International .
Through his work and collaborations with some of the Top “A” List Musicians around the globe and Alain Nkossi KONDA has touched the hearts of listeners in the various countries where he Performed with his Band who exude powerful stage presence while Nkossi allowed his extraordinary and raspy voice, convey his highly touching and inspiring texts.
The Band which features 6 young rising Star Congolese Artists/ Vocalists from its Diaspora including a Poet who have been for supported and developed over the past few years by AFRIKOOL Entertainment Founders Alain Nkossi KONDA (with his longtime Main Sponsors YAMAHA, BEYERDYNAMIC, REDBULL …) & Contemporary Jazz virtuoso Jim SAVITT , is designed to Pass the baton to the next generation of young deserving talents from a region that was once known as the KINGDOM Of KONGO. AFRIKOOL Allstars’s mission is to usher in a New exciting era with “Music for the world” which NKOSSI (who was raised within both the Anglophone & Francophone Cultures while picking up Germanic along the way…) describes as CULTURE- Pop, seamlessly merging irresistible, haunting African melodies and rhythms with the harmony and structure of a hint improvisational Jazz with a mainstream Pop, rock. The result is Truly refreshing: An electrifying performance by a Group of great versatile improvisers, all steeped in a common “One World” culture.
Welcome to CULTURE Pop with Lingala ( official language from the DR of Congo) at the forefront, with French and a perfect addition of English being ushered in from the Diaspora. The project is truly authentic and performed using primarily live instruments.
AFRIKOOL Allstars First Album Project titled "Kinshasa ma bella" which is to be released during the Summer of 2021.
The featured members from the Congolese DIASPORA USA is its initiator: Alain Nkossi KONDA, from Europe & Africa are: Sevy ROL'S, Le Prince YANNICK (Vox, drums & Percussions), Micro MEGA (Spoken/Poet, Ta LUYOBISA LUHEHO (Artistic director) who are joined and additionally supported by ASENDE croco (percussions),NDUDI chanel (choreographer & dancer), LUMBU Rodrigue (bassiste), MANZODULUA Bransley (guitare rythmique), MUWENGE steroy (Drummer), MAYAMA chance (Backing vocalist).
The AFRIKOOL Allstars International BAND (which has at its core 5 rotating Artists) is powered and backed within the USA by M.I.C = Mentors International Collective headed by Musical Director & Co-Founder of AFRIKOOL: Contemporary Guitarist Jim SAVITT along with Ted CRUZ (Piano), Kene LUCAS (Bass), Ze MAURICIO (Percussions), Adriano SANTOS (Drums), Nicole COLLINS & Violetta TADLA (backing vocals)... Who are close friends & Bandmates that have accompanied Alain Nkossi KONDA all throughout his Solo Career.


USA: Mr. Lubangi Muniania (TABILULU Productions)
Democratic Republic of Congo: Mr. Herman Bangi BAYO (Festival of Congo Music Founder/Director & E-Journal KINSHASA Founder).


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