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Jeremy Davis
Janet Blair Makes Her Debut with \ Springing to life on her latest endeavor meet songstress Janet Blair and her new single "Eternity Grows." Hailing from New Mexico she offers up an impressive first look into her musings and musical ambitions. Together Blair's vocal work and harmonious piano playing combine in perfect unison. Her angelic voice stuns with a passion that brings her delicate lyricism to life. This March... more
Jetty Rae Releases New Album \ Jetty Rae's newest release,   Can't Curse the Free  hits stores today. The diverse record that will bring you real life happiness, tears, heartbreak and free-your-soul tendencies, proves to be a must listen for the new year. Since early Winter we have heard Jetty Rae sharing a string of gorgeous singles from "Queen of the Universe" to title track "Can't Curse the Free," which sho... more
Freshly releasing  Tolerance Ends, Love Begins   this week, North Carolina's The Pinkerton Raid is in full force. One the most surprising releases from a new(er) band in the past several months, their  raw and honest tones are brought to life with a vibrant and quirky energy that will put a smile on your face. Together the group create something very special, which... more
Jeremy D. Simmons Shares the Tasty \ Jeremy D. Simmons possesses the perfect vocals for the Americana – Alt-Country world, with boomy vocals that hold a substantial mid range bravado to peak at the top of each composition. On his recent release “Pie in the Sky” we hear the artist making a name of himself in every song. Standout songs such as lead single “24/7 OTC,” and “Cash Cow,” show t... more
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